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Application for Services

(For applicants 5 or older. For younger applicants please contact our
Early Intervention program.)

For most of the programs at Community Connections, an individual must meet the criteria for a "developmental disability".  A developmental disability is a disability that:

1. manifested before the age of 22,
2. is attributable to an intellectual disability or related condition (Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, or autism), and
3. substantially impairs the individual’s intellectual or adaptive functioning. 

To determine whether a person meets the definition for a developmental disability, please complete a Request for Developmental Disability Form and provide the required documentation described in the
application packet.   

Or call 970-335-2071 to speak with Intake Case Manager Hannah Zorn.

After someone has received a developmental disability determination, he or she may have to meet additional criteria in order to meet eligibility for the specific program. There may also be a waiting list for the requested services. Please call Intake Case Manager Hannah Zorn at 970-335-2071for eligibility details on specific programs.

Application for Child Services