Supporting, advocating for, and transforming the lives of people with disabilities in Southwest Colorado since 1985. 

Community Connections, Inc. takes pride is setting up conditions for a great experience for both families and the individuals we serve in our residential program.  When an individual and/or their family choose a home, we want them to become a member of the family. 

At the time a potential Host Home Provider applies to become a CCI contractor, we ask them to complete a profile of an individual who meets their personality, preferences, and lifestyle. 

At the same time, when an individual we serve is looking for a new Host Home, we ask them to complete a profile of their ideal home and lifestyle, including their preferences, hobbies, and established routines.  Other factors that might be considered are ethnicity, religion, marital status, children in the home, employment status, financial stability, compatible personalities and openness to ongoing contact with the family.

Next, the case manager will discuss the possibilities of a preliminary match with the individual seeking a new provider.  If the individual wants to proceed, a meeting is set up so that the individual can interview the potential contractor.  After that interview, if either party feels the match isn’t right, we don’t go any further.  If the interview is favorable, we’ll set up opportunities for the individual and the potential Host Home Provider to spend some time together.

If for some reason there isn’t a good match, the potential Host Home Provider will be considered for other possible placements.

Creating Great Matches