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FAQs for New Host Home Providers

​What is a Host Home Provider?
A host home provider is a small business owner with whom Community Connections (CCI) contracts to provide a specific individual with room and board as well as other residential services and supports.   

What trainings or certificates do I need and where do I get them?

  • First Aid/CPR – CCI accepts certification from any American Red Cross certified program.

  • Medication Certification (QMAP) – You can become certified to administer medications through a training offered at CCI. 

  • De-Escalation Training – If you will be having a client in your home who has challenging behaviors, CCI will provide you with training in de-escalation techniques.  You may want to have the training anyway, as the tools you learn can be helpful in many settings and will prepare you to provide respite care for others.

  • Therap training – Therap is an online electronic health record we use to record client services.  We will train you to be successful at tracking client care.

  • Home Inspection – You must also pass a home inspection done by one of our representatives prior to placement of a client.

  • Client Care—CCI will also provide you access to an online training system that gives you basic, foundational knowledge in client care, including avoiding mistreatment, abuse, neglect and exploitation; client confidentiality; and supporting clients to reach their life goals.

How many individuals can I serve in my home?
If space allows, you may have two clients in your home.  If you have a third bedroom you plan to use, you can also do respite services.  Each client must have his or her own room with a locking door.

How much will I be paid?
Each individual who is admitted to our services receives a standardized assessment.  That assessment determines the level of service needs, and we pay Host Home Providers based on the rates paid for that level of service by the State of Colorado.

How long will I have to wait to get a client?
It varies depending on whether or not we currently have a client who is requesting a new home, or if a new client is moving to the area.  We don’t rush into placements, for the benefit of everyone concerned.  We give the potential Host Home Provider, the client, and his or her family a chance to get acquainted and spend a little time together before a contract is signed.  However, if your training certifications and insurance requirements have been met, you can offer to provide respite care for a Host Home Provider who would like a short term break.  Homes that are wheelchair accessible and those that are willing and able to accept clients with behavioral challenges are always in demand.

Is it important for me to have a computer and internet access?
Yes.  All of our documentation is done via the Therap electronic health record system.  A printer/scanner is also helpful to your business.

Who in my home needs to have a background check before a client is placed?
Anyone over the age of 18 years who lives in the home must have a background check.  With your permission CCI will provide that service at our cost. 

What kinds of insurance should I have?
To be a contractor with CCI you must carry the following insurance:

  • General liability insurance with coverage of $1,000,000/$1,000,000.
  • Auto insurance of $1,000,000
  • Professional liability insurance with coverage of $1,000,000/$1,000,000 (you can obtain this insurance, created specifically for Host Home Providers, at

Do I pay for the client’s clothes, medications, entertainment, and groceries?
Each month the client receives a small amount of money to meet his or her personal needs.  Personal needs includes clothing, entertainment and leisure activities and many personal care items. There are limits to what can be purchased with these funds.   The client cannot purchase any over-the-counter medications or groceries with their personal needs money.  Those items must be purchased by the Host Home Provider and are a cost of doing business.  To cover these costs, the client pays a monthly Room and Board amount which is included in your contract.  We will provide you with a detailed list of what can and can’t be purchased with client funds at the time of contracting.  Medicare/Medicaid will pay for all prescription medications.

What if there is an emergency after business hours?
You will always have 24-hour support for emergency situations.  You will be provided with the emergency contact information at the time a client is placed.

Can I have children in the home?  How about pets?
Clients want to be treated like a member of the family and families often have children and pets.  In the placement process, clients will make their preferences known for these and other conditions such as living in town versus living in the country or living with a family of the same ethnic or religious background.

How do I get time off?
Like any other business owner, you are responsible for continuing to provide services for your clients, even when you’re taking a break. You can arrange to have your clients covered by other Host Home Providers in exchange for you providing services for their clients.  We also have limited services available from a Host Home Provider who does respite services exclusively.  CCI also offers two free days of respite for you each year…which means we’ll pay you for those days you aren’t providing services.