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Chase would spend the next 10 weeks in Neonatal ICU. He was incredibly sick and weak and everyday was a struggle. With the constant beeps and alarms of monitors that were tracking his every move, he had to learn human touch, breathing and eating. It would prove to be just the beginning of the journey.  

Chase's Story

Through the words of his mother, Laura Shelton

When we got home we were connected with the Early Intervention team at Community Connections. What a breath of fresh air it was to know that there was a team of people there and available to help us with Chase’s development needs. The journey of a preemie has a very steep learning curve and we knew we needed all hands in deck for his needs. Chase was delayed and the therapists worked hard to get him sitting, crawling, standing and eventually just before his 2nd birthday, walking! The Early Intervention team became part of our family. They laughed with us, encouraged us and celebrated his milestones with us. Today Chase’s journey continues but we are forever grateful for Community Connections.

On May 10th 2010, I went into premature labor with my first child. At 31 weeks I had a placental ubruption. We were life flighted to Denver where I was placed on hospital bed rest for a week. Exactly one week later, our baby, Chase Russell Shelton, was born via a very scary emergency c-section 8 weeks before his due date. He required 13 minutes of resuscitation at birth and a full blood transfusion. It was touch and go and very scary. The doctors warned us of so many challenges we could be headed for but first and foremost was stabilizing him.

I am strong, loving, and determined.